SEO The Right Way!

I heard about Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO a few years back. So it’s nothing new to me but it has always puzzled me on what is the best way to do it. I have read many things on the internet about Google frowning upon “blackhat” techniques. So do I, because I want it to be a fair playground for every bloggers out there. When people, like myself write our blogs.. it tends to be for a common reason, that is to be read and build credibility for ourselves.

Credibility is what gains trust from your audience, no matter who they are and where they are from! Trust me…

What better way to judge credibility other than to receive real and genuine feedback from your readers. Both good and bad feedback are beneficial in really gauging how your audience is receiving your blog posts. Although us bloggers have pretty much full control on what gets published on our site, including the comments being received (which us authors may choose to filter out).. we’d still like to keep things real… by publishing the raw feedback received.

Coming back to me, when I decided to tackle SEO in order get seen on the internet, I have decided to do it the right way, the natural way. Primarily what that mean is writing good quality and captivating content. Content that will mesmerize my readers, things that will stick in their mind for months to come. That is the plan, to get people keep on coming back to my site here. That way I can really build a relationship with my loyal readers. But I absolutely welcome people from all walks of life. That way, the feedback will be random and most likely be the most ‘truest”, if that is even a word! If it’s not, then I shall see if I can get it incorporated into the dictionary!

Is all this SEO stuff working for me? To be honest, I believe in what is meant to be will happen. The fact that you are reading this… so it must be working right? It may be a lot or very little number of my total audience.. but believe me.. I value each and everyone of you! Take care and hope to get to know you all.

I know this post is somewhat a lil’ different to my prvious posts, but I thought I’d get this out of my chest.

The Tattoo I Had in Bali

Just came back from my holidays from Bali… and I also came back with a new tattoo of a dragon on my arm. So how did I find getting a tattoo in Bali you may ask? Well, it wasn’t as I expected.

If some of you remember, I’ve got one tattoo which is near me left ankle of a flower. Now I’m going to be honest, I am not the type to cover the majority of my skin with tattoos.. in fact, at one point I kind of regretted having one. So making the decision to get another one done on my arm was not easy, not easy at all! But after hearing a friend of mine getting one done whilst in Bali on holidays made me reconsider.

You may also ask why I decided to get one done overseas recently. As I’ve mentioned above, a friend of mine told how he got it done overseas and the price was super cheap! I must admit, it wasn’t just the price that played a factor. Another huge factor was I knew the owner who owned that particular tattoo studio. The owner was a friend of a friend and he was Australian! So I knew the hygiene standards will be really good. So cheap price + high quality work + safe.. the rest was history!

I only spent about a week and a half in Bali, but I cramped as much activities as I can whilst over there. Which of course included getting a tattoo. The dragon design was something I saw whilst surfing the internet at home. The image was stuck in my mind, don’t ask me why but it just did. In fact, I love the dragon image I saw.. I pretty much replicated it on my arm, with slight modification of the colours and subtle patterns. As I didn’t want to come across as stealing someone’s design. With art, stealing someone’s design is probably the biggest no no! You will definitely be frown upon if you did that.

Want to know what my tattoo actually looked like? Well message me privately and I might reveal it. Hahaha, I know, the suspense!

My Environment May Motivate Me Or…

I have mentioned about how my crazily beautiful environment motivates me to write. But let me put a twist to that saying. What am I actually referring to? Well read this short little post about it. Some my laugh and some of you out there who know me might be able to relate.

As I have mentioned, the surrounding environment of my house is peaceful pretty much all year around. With trees within metres of each other, it is shady but at the same time enough sun to give you that vitamin D that you need on a daily basis. this sort of environment will no doubt motivates and inspires me with my writing. But I am only human, so there is time when I feel like.. sleeping!

You heard right, sleeping! Doesn’t sound productive does it? Well, to be honest no it doesn’t sound productive. But this is something my surroundings make me feel or do!

So there you go. I have shared with you a twist within this post. Many of you out there won’t relate to it. But that’s ok. My posts can be like this, where it is a little random!

As quickly as I wrote this post, as quickly I am calling an end to it.

My Natural Outdoor Enhanced With Limestone Magic

Nature plays a big part to why I moved to this property by the river years ago. But no way I am saying I am a greenie. I’m a firm believer that nature and human invention can actually go hand in hand. It is the balance that you have to get right to make everything work. Well that is my thought anyway! Each to their own I guess. Since it is my blog, I will be biased and say mixing man made materials and naturally produced stuff can be magic.

This leads into the topic of this post about a semi-man made material called liquid limestone concrete that I’ve decided to install around my water feature. But I did it in such a way that it blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.  After all, I didn’t want to spoil the beautiful natural surrounding. It’s funny how I found this picture that pretty much resemble my backyard:

Anyways, back to this special concrete called liquid limestone. I was told the special features of it makes it a very attractive product. One feature that really stood out for me is the cool touch even during summer.

I must admit, after the addition of liquid limestone in my backyard by the river, it enhanced it quite well. So well that I called up my close friends and family members and recommend that they do the same. Being in Perth, I went with the people that had an established experience working with limestone concrete (link will open in new window). It really doesn’t make any difference if you live in a bustling city or closer to nature, like in my case. I think it’ll suit either environments.

Trees cools down the air but I am also finding that liquid limestone does the same! The two go hand in hand like a treat!

Lazy Sunday Sounds Like This

Sitting here underneath the tree in my backyard, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have a place like this. If you’ve ever visited my place, you’d think it’s a retreat getaway. In fact, my close friends and family said exactly this. So I think I got myself  a winner! I am not a photographer, but I will be taking pictures soon to show you visually exactly what I mean.

There’s no surprise that being in this sort of tranquil environment, I found it very easy to write. What’s more, it gives me a relaxed approached – which is evident in my writing style and nature. I am sure that all writers out there can appreciate this. Even if you’re not, I am sure you can relate to it in one way or another.

You know what, this Sunday is amazing. Wishing it goes on forever. Wait, was that a butterfly in front of me as I am writing. Well, what do you know.. it is! I thrive on being spontaneous. So I think I’m turning this laptop off and chasing that butterfly. Until next time…